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Developmental/Preschool Evaluations – School Readiness

Preschools are meant to impart learning in a fun environment. A child’s academic success depends in large part on what they learn during their preschool years. In a nutshell, preschool is the foundation of a child’s academic life.

Parents often times have questions about their young child’s developmental readiness for school. Should they start school at age two, stay at home an extra year, repeat a year of school? Every child is different, and by understanding the various components that ensure a child’s success (e.g., maturity, cognitive ability, etc.) and by working closely with so many of the local schools over the years, Dr. Wenger can help parents make these important decisions. For these situations, Dr. Wenger conducts an evaluation, sometimes including observations of the child, interviews with parents, and/or specific tests, in order to determine the specific needs of your child and to give parents recommendations about their child’s needs.

With over fifteen years of work experience in the field of education and psychology, Dr. Wenger has worked closely with all types of schools and curriculums to understand how to help children be successful. Feel free to contact Dr. Wenger at 305-662-1118 or at about scheduling an appointment or to learn more about his services.