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Performance Psychology

As life is becoming more competitive, individuals are often turning to psychologists to help them overcome psychological barriers to success. We often see athletes, inventors, surgeons, executives be incredibly successful, even under intense pressure. However, what most people overlook is the fact that these individuals are not always born with the physical talent and mental resilience they later display. There is a tremendous amount of preparation that goes into performing at this high level, and success almost always depends on both the physical and mental toughness and preparation. How many times have we seen a professional golfer miss an easy shot during an intense playoff, a veteran recording artist forget the words to a song he or she has sung for 30 years, or an executive having anxiety or difficulty giving a speech he or she has given 100 times. If you are wondering how these and others whose livelihoods depend on mental toughness and the ability to persevere during a high-stakes situation succeed, you may want to explore the field of performance psychology. Dr. Wenger uses psychological principles that facilitate peak performance, enhance physical ability and achieve optimal human performance. He also helps clients that might need assistance in communicating with colleagues or teammates or need to learn how to integrate feedback into more successful outcomes. In all of these situations, tapping into the potential of human performance is the key so that individuals can develop better coping and resilience skills and perform at their best regardless of their age or goals.