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Educational Testing for Learning Disabilities and Accommodations

Contrary to general conceptions, learning disabilities are in no way related to intelligence. Due to several factors, a child with a learning disability has difficulty learning effectively and to their intellectual potential, primarily in areas like reading, writing, and math. Dyslexia, for example, is a common type of learning disability that affects nearly 5-17 percent of US population. Though many learning disabilities cannot be “cured”, years of research has yielded techniques and strategies, which if applied early on, can enable a child with a learning disability to strengthen their skills and lead a normal life. People like Tom Cruise, Muhammad Ali, Leonardo Da Vinci and Richard Branson are dyslexics who were able to overcome their disabilities and excel in their respective fields.

The most important part of a learning disability evaluation is to accurately identify the processing skills that are interfering with learning. While all children learn in different ways, children with learning disabilities may process information in a specific manner and have difficulty with traditional teaching methods. Therefore, they may need to be taught to read, write, or do math in a different way. These strategies can be identified with the help of an effective evaluation. In addition, Dr. Wenger can help identify appropriate accommodations (e.g., such as receiving extra time on tests, being tested with less distractions, etc.) that may be able to be provided so that the child can be more successful in school and in testing situations.

Dr. Wenger brings his 15 years of clinical practice and 10 years of teaching graduate courses in Child and Adolescent Assessment at the University of Miami in the field of education and psychology to his work in evaluating children and adolescents. These evaluations are designed to accurately identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses to maximize his or her educational, social, and emotional potential. Feel free to contact Dr. Wenger at 305-662-1118 or at about scheduling an appointment or to learn more about his services.