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Emotional/Behavioral Assessments

Is your child having behavioral problems? Do you feel like you have tried rewards, punishments, time-outs, bribery, and everything else your parents or friends have recommended? Some children or adolescents cannot adhere to generally acceptable social, emotional and behavioral norms and they may be suffering from a more significant emotional or behavioral disorder. Such kinds of behavior adversely affects the child’s academic progress, social relationships, personal adjustment, classroom adjustment, and self-esteem.

When this occurs, a comprehensive evaluation and treatment from a certified professional can be helpful. With proper diagnosis and treatment, children with many of these disorders can be helped. Dr Wenger’s Emotional/Behavioral Assessment service helps you to achieve this goal and help your child to maximize their educational, social, and emotional potential. With over fifteen years of work experience in the field of education and psychology, Dr. Wenger can help accurately identify your child’s psychological and behavioral strengths and weaknesses to maximize their social and emotional potential. Feel free to contact Dr. Wenger at 305-662-1118 or at about scheduling an appointment or to learn more about his services.